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2022 NCVEC 605 Form
Sec. 97.13 Restrictions on station location.
(a) Before placing an amateur station on land of environmental importance or that is significant in American history, architecture or culture, the licensee may be required to take certain actions prescribed by §§1.1305–1.1319 of this chapter.

(b) A station within 1600 m (1 mile) of an FCC monitoring facility must protect that facility from harmful interference. Failure to do so could result in imposition of operating restrictions upon the amateur station by a District Director pursuant to §97.121 of this part. Geographical coordinates of the facilities that require protection are listed in §0.121(c) of this chapter.

(c) Before causing or allowing an amateur station to transmit from any place where the operation of the station could cause human exposure to RF electromagnetic field levels in excess of those allowed under §1.1310 of this chapter, the licensee is required to take certain actions.

(1) The licensee must perform the routine RF environmental evaluation prescribed by §1.1307(b) of this chapter, if the power of the licensee's station exceeds the limits given in the following table:

Wavelength Band Evaluation Required if Power* (watts) Exceeds
MF 160 meters 500
HF 80 meters 500
75 meters 500
40 meters 500
30 meters 425
20 meters 225
17 meters 125
15 meters 100
12 meters 75
10 meters 50
VHF All bands 50
UHF 70 cm 70
33 cm 150
23 cm 200
13 cm 250
SHF All bands 250
EHF All bands 250


All bands

non-building mounted antennas: height above ground level to lowest point of antenna < 10 m and power > 500 W ERP

building mounted antennas: power > 500 W ERP

* Power = PEP input to antenna except, for repeater stations only, power exclusion is based on ERP (effective radiated power).

(2) If the routine environmental evaluation indicates that the RF electromagnetic fields could exceed the limits contained in §1.1310 of this chapter in accessible areas, the licensee must take action to prevent human exposure to such RF electromagnetic fields. Further information on evaluating compliance with these limits can be found in the FCC's OET Bulletin Number 65, “Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”

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