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Public Release January 8, 2018
2018-2022 FCC Element 2 Technician Class Question Pool

Errata Released January 12, 2018

The following changes are reflected in the download files dated today.

T1F11-Distractor A; Typo change word They to The

T4A01- Change to correct answer; Correct answer is D

T5B13-Distractor A; Typo change GHZ to GHz

T6A07-Modified Question; What electrical component is usually constructed as a coil of wire?

T8C08-Distractor A; Typo change VOIP to VoIP

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby released into public domain the 2018-2022 Technician Class, Element 2, Question pool.
This pool becomes effective for all Element 2 license examinations administered on July 1, 2018 and is valid until June 30, 2022.

Files containing the question pool are available in PDF (Portable Document Format), Microsoft Word .DOC format, and .TXT format.
Three figures are used in the pool, and these are available as separate .jpeg and .pdf files.

Users of the pool documents are free to correct minor typographical and punctuation errors, including obvious minor omissions. Such corrections must not cause a change in the meaning of a question or any of the proposed answers to the questions. Also, since rule citation references are not part of the questions themselves and are included only to assist when looking up the applicable section of the rules, errors in the reference identifiers are not considered adequate reason for removal of a question from the pool.

Members of the 2017-2018 Question Pool Committee:

Chairman - Rol Anders - K3RA, Laurel VEC

Perry Green - WY1O, ARRL-VEC
Ralph Roberts - W5VE, WCARS-VEC
Larry Pollock - NB5X, W5YI-VEC
Jim Wiley - KL7CC, Anchorage-VEC
Contributions: Tom Ryder - W6JS, GEARS-VEC


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