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NCVEC Question Pool Committee Public Domain
FINAL ERRATA Released – February 11, 2015

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee has withdrawn questions G1E10 and G5B08 from the
2015 General Class Question Pool previously released with errata on January 19, 2015.
These 2 questions are marked as deleted in the pool and the remaining questions
in those sections were not renumbered.
2015-2019 Element 3 Question Pool Question Count as of 2-11-2015 - Total Questions 462

February 11, 2015
FINAL REVISED 2015-2019 General Class Question Pool 2-11-2015.doc
February 11, 2015
FINAL REVISED 2015-2019 General Class Question Pool 2-11-2015.pdf
2015 G7-1 Diagram
 Updated Errata as of February 11, 2015

Correction to Syllabus: G7B left out. Corrected adding G7B - Digital circuits; amplifiers and oscillators

G1A13 - Changed wording in question... "30-meter and 60-meter bands"...

G1B08 - Removed period from the end of answer B.

G1D01 - Replaced all instances of "a" to "an" in the question and answer B and D.
Answer B - added missing word “that” B. Anyone who held an FCC issued amateur radio license that has been....
Answer C. Changed to ‘Any person “who” previously held...
Corrected capitalized word Issued in D.
D. Only persons who once held an FCC issued Novice, Technician, or Technician Plus license

G1E03 - Answer C.  Corrected the word part to party.
G1E10 - DELETED leaving 12 questions in G2E sub-section

G1E13 - Correction. 1.25 meter changed to 1.25-meter

G2C06 - Removed period at the end of answer D.

G2E05 - Question was missing. Moved question G2E15 to be G2E05 leaving 14 questions in G2E sub-section.

G2E09 - Removed period at the end of answer D.

G3C11 - Answer D. corrected light-hand to right-hand

G5B08 - DELETED leaving 13 questions in G5B sub-section

G8B05 - Question incorrect as stated. Removed WINMOR from question

G9A05 - Answer B. Corrected to Attenuation increases. Answer D. Corrected misspelling of Attenuation.

~~ End of Errata~~ February 11, 2015

This pool becomes effective for all Element 3 examinations to be administered on July 1, 2015
and remains valid until June 30, 2019.
The question pool files are available in PDF, Microsoft Word .DOC format
Section G7A requires the use of one illustration, a schematic drawing identified as G7-1.
This drawing file is published separately and is available in raw JPEG

Roland Anders, K3RA - LAUREL VEC
Chairman of NCVEC Question Pool Committee

Members of the Committee
Perry Green, WY1O - ARRL VEC
Michael Maston, N6OPH - SANDARC VEC
Larry Pollock, NB5X - W5YI VEC


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