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Sec. 97.31 Cancellation on Account of the Licensee's Death.
(a) A person may request cancellation of an operator/primary station license grant on account of the licensee's death by submitting a signed request that includes a death certificate, obituary, or Social Security Death Index data that shows the person named in the operator/primary station license grant has died. Such a request may be submitted as a pleading associated with the deceased licensee's license. See §1.45 of this chapter. In addition, the Commission may cancel an operator/primary station license grant if it becomes aware of the grantee's death through other means. No action will be taken during the last thirty days of the post-expiration grace period ( see §97.21(b)) on a request to cancel a license due to the licensee's death.

(b) A license that is canceled due to the licensee's death is canceled as of the date of the licensee's death.

[75 FR 78171, Dec. 15, 2010]

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