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April 2, 2010

Withdrawal of Questions from 2010 Element 2 Technician Class Question Pool

Due to a proposed rule change and pending action by the FCC, the QPC is withdrawing the following questions:

1) T2C02 and T2C03 from the July 2010 Technician Pool effective July 1, 2010. However, VEC’s and publishers may take action to delete these immediately.

January 19, 2010

Since the public release posting on January 4, 2010 of the new Technician Pool, the QPC has received a few comments from various VEC organizations and the public suggesting typo corrections and wording changes for clarification in the pool. It is our intention to make those minor changes within the next two weeks and post a slightly updated version. Typos will be fixed without impact to the intended meaning of the question or correct answers . Some of the proposed changes will cause change to the wording of the question and/or the correct answers. When the new, corrected version is issued, we will issue an errata sheet that will identify each question and exactly what changes were made.

Thank you or your comments !

Rol Anders

Chairman, Question Pool Committee

Second Release - February 1, 2010

Element 2 Technician Class Question Pool
to be Effective July 1, 2010 for Examinations

After the initial release of the Element 2 Question Pool January 4,2010, minor changes were made in the wording of questions and answers to correct typos and/or clarify meaning. The changes incorporated in the text of the pool are reflected in the errata list below and a revised pool document is hereby released:

MS Word Version with Errata to first release version dated January 4, 2010

PDF Version with Errata to first release version dated January 4, 2010

Text Version with Errata to first release version dated January 4, 2010


The QPC wishes to acknowledge and thank the many individuals that contributed their suggestions for new questions or changes for this pool.

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