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From: Larry Pollock- NB5X, W5YI-VEC

The NEW 2020-2024 EXTRA CLASS, FCC Element 4 Question Pool becomes effective July 1, 2020, valid thru June 30 ,2024

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2020 ALL Element 4 EXTRA CLASS Exams administered on that day, MUST be from the 2020 HAMEXAM 24.0 Software. ALL NEW 2020 EXTRA CLASS HAMEXAMS will have a 20-xxxxx series number.
You MUST Delete/Destroy ALL 16-xxxx series EXTRA exams in your possession,as they are INVALID as of July 1, 2020.

The HAMEXAM 24.0 software will generate valid exams for ALL 3 license classes.

The 2020-2024 EXTRA CLASS exams DO-NOT use the same graphic diagrams previously used on 2016-2020 exams.
NEW 2020 EXTRA CLASS TEST DIAGRAMS are included in the HAMEXAM 24.0 CD AND DOWNLOAD files are available as individual PDF file downloads under the link for the 2020-2024 EXTRA CLASS POOL on NCVEC.ORG .

HamExam 2020 24.0 Software - File is a ZIP FILE,

The $14.00 Exam Fee continues for July 2020- June 30,2022
If you administer an out-of-date/invalid examination, you must re-administer a valid exam to the applicant at no charge.
All VE teams are to continue to charge an examination fee of $14.00 for all examinations administered during 2020.
The VE team expense reimbursement is $7.00 per applicant
The VEC share is $7.00 per applicant.

Thank you for your continued support of the W5YI-VEC Program.
If you have any questions contact us at 800-669-9594, or local at 817-274-0400
, or send us an email to W5YI-VEC@W5YI.ORG

Larry Pollock - NB5X

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