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Sec. 97.311 SS emission types
(a) SS emission transmissions by an amateur station are authorized only for communications between points within areas where the amateur service is regulated by the FCC and between an area where the amateur service is regulated by the FCC and an amateur station in another country that permits such communications. SS emission transmissions must not be used for the purpose of obscuring the meaning of any communication. (b) A station transmitting SS emissions must not cause harmful interference to stations employing other authorized emissions, and must accept all interference caused by stations employing other authorized emissions. (c) When deemed necessary by a District Director to assure compliance with this part, a station licensee must: (1) Cease SS emission transmissions; (2) Restrict SS emission transmissions to the extent instructed; and (3) Maintain a record, convertible to the original information (voice, text, image, etc.) of all spread spectrum communications transmitted. [64 FR 51471, Sept. 23, 1999, as amended at 76 FR 17569, Mar. 30, 2011]

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