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September 1, 2009 Removal of Question G0B14 from General Pool

TO ALL VECs: Removal of Question G0B14 from the General Exam Pool

It has been brought to the attention of the QPC that there is an error in the correct answer for question G0B14.  Units of microamps were used instead of milliamps as intended.  This question is hereby withdrawn. 

The recent guidelines from the NCVEC to the QPC concerning withdrawal of questions is as follows:
Question Deletion After Pool Release:
When there is a need to delete any question from a question pool after release, a 90 day prior public notice shall be made by the QPC before the question is mandated for removal from use in VEC examinations, however the QPC shall encourage the question is to be removed as soon as possible.

We are taking steps to make the public notice. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that the VEC's stop using this question as soon as possible, because it is apparently promulgating incorrect safety information.

The question, for reference, is:
G0B14 (B)
What is the maximum amount of electrical current flow through the human body that can be tolerated safely?
A. 5 microamperes
B. 50 microamperes
C. 500 milliamperes
D. 5 amperes

Roland Anders, K3RA
Chairman, Question Pool Committee

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