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February 6, 2006Revised Release of Element 2 Question Pool
To all volunteer examiners and other interested parties, from the NCVEC Question Pool Committee (QPC):

The QPC strives to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in the question pools provided by this committee, but unfortunately, as in many human endeavors, perfection is an elusive goal. A few additional errors were discovered in the 2006 Element 2 pool after the initial release. Most of these errors were simple typographic or grammatical errors that did not affect the readability of the pool, but in at least 3 cases the errors were significant enough that the QPC decided to remove the entire question from the pool. In the course of reviewing the entire pool, we also found a few questions that could be reworded to increase clarity. We thank those users who reported the errors and made other suggestions for ways to improve the product. The QPC reviewed all submissions and incorporated the changes that were appropriate.

Accordingly, the 2006 Element 2 pool is being re-released to the public on this date. Previous versions should not be used in any form, and should be discarded entirely. Only the version dated February 6, 2006 is to be used. Hopefully, no additional errors will be discovered, but if that should happen, then any subsequent changes will be handled by deletion of the affected question.

The Question Pool Committee apologizes to all users for this second release of the question pool and any inconvenience it may cause.

Be sure to use only the February 6, 2006 version of the pool when preparing examinations. The new version of the pool includes an errata sheet that provides a quick reference to all changes in the new version.

Thank you.

Jim Wiley. KL7CC
Chairman, QPC

The Second Release of the Technician Element 2 Question Pool is available here for viewin or download in the following formats:

Adobe PDF
MS Word document file
ASCII text

Other versions may be available on request.

Jim Wiley, KL7CC
NCVEC Question Pool Committee

Committee Members:
Perry Green, WY1O
Larry Pollock, NB5X

Associate Memebers:
Roland Anders, K3RA
Fred Maia, W5YI
Dave De Febo, WB9BWP
Steve Sternitzke, NS5I
Tom Fuszard, KF9PU
Gordon West, WB6NOA

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